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AdSense Passive Income Investment       

  Expired Domains, Websites Recovery & SEO Management

AdSense Passive Income Investment Opportunity at 50% Rev Share Website Recovery Services

Download: AdSense Passive Income Investment Deck.PDF

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We spend hours on daily basis 

to Manually check all the 

valuable expiring domains and 

cross check them for Links 

History, Articles in, 

Indexed pages & existing 

Rankings in Google.

Best Expired Domains

We Manually recover 

all articles from the full Sitemap History of 

the domain and then fix:

* Broken images and video
* URL Permalinks structure
* Use  Archived Categories Recovery

We use the existing social 

accounts or setup brand new 

Facebook page & Twitter 

account etc. to autoshare every 

scheduled post with the most 

relevant #Hashtags to support 

the faster Article Reindexing.

Social Coverage

We dedicate SEO VA to support 

the Rankings Growth of 

Recovered Content and to keep 

Building up the website 

Content, Links & Community 

Authority with more Dedicated 

Efforts per Domain.

Content & SEO 

Management VA

Full Range Process Management 

Get List of the Best 

Expiring Domains Daily

40 Articles Manually 

Recovered per Domain

on Daily basis

40 Social Medias Posts 

Scheduled on Daily basis

Hyper Relevant Links, 

Social & Community 

Interactions on Daily basis

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Content & SEO VA Recovery

Buy Best Domain

Social Coverage

AdSense Property Growth Roadmap:

1 Week

Find & Buy the

Best Expired Domain

3 Weeks

Wordpress setup

Social Media setup

Articles #Posts Scheduled

3 Months

Handsfree Drip-feed 

#Posts AutoShares

9-12 Months

2 Hours Work Daily

per Domain

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Finding the Best Domains Process:

R&D 2 hours per day on to build lists of the best expiring 
domains daily with the most quality links / ACR / Alexa & Domain metrics

Easy way to check the domain Authority from ED link:

Detailed Link History Checking at the Free aHrefs Tool:

Indexed Pages in Google.
Existing Google Rankings & Traffic Estimation.
Industry competition R&D. - Checking for All Archived Articles during the full Domain History.

Check Archived Articles for Plagiarism: API Requests for Articles from other expiring domains.

background image Manual Content Recovery Process:

Wordpress Installation with Theme & SEO Plugins setup

Restoring the original URL permalinks structure

Check every article for Plagiarism & Copyscape: API requests

Manually Copy & Paste and Formatting each Article

Recovering original Images/Videos or exchanging them with DMCA free ones

Restoring and using the original Categories per post

Scheduling Articles Posts with Relevant/Original Tags, which will be used for the 
Social Networks Shares as #Hashtags next to the Article title

Restoring the existing Social Networks accounts if possible or creation of new 
ones and Autoshare the Scheduled Posts at: Facebook Page, Twitter etc.

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Content & SEO Management VA Daily Tasks:

Scheduling 2-3 Posts daily for months ahead: either with mixture of 
Plagiarism Free Articles from current expiring domains, or to Purchase Articles 
with keyphrases from Google Keyword Planner &

(Tagging the Industry Influencers, Embed Videos, Infographics, Surveys etc.)

Daily Alerts Links Building for the most relevant industry keyphrases from:

Industry Communities Participation: Quora Relevant Questions/Answers, 
Sub-Reddits Commenting, Facebook & Linkedin Groups Activity, Forums

Social Networks Management: Bloggers posts & Influencers Following Up, Likes & 

Guest Blogging, Industry Blogs Comments, 

Relevant Journalists and Influencers Outreaching & Sponsored Coverage

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Investment Opportunity: AdSense Passive Income at 50% Rev Share


1 - 2 Expiring Domains

Wordpress Setup

Social Accounts Setup

$0,8 per Recovered Article >> 700+/m
+$180/m for SEO VA per Domain

Hungry :)

Just Take My Money.

3 - 5 Expiring Domains

Wordpress Setup

Social Accounts Setup

$0,7 per Recovered Article >> 1800+/m
+$170/m for SEO VA per Domain

6 - 10 Expiring Domains

Wordpress Setup

Social Accounts Setup

$0,6 per Recovered Article >> 4000+/m
+$160/m for SEO VA per Domain

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Our Recovery Services:

Fixed Pricing Services: Website Recovery:

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Full Range AdSense Management: 

Wordpress Theme, Plugins & Ads UX 

Content & SEO Management


Long Term Content & SEO 
Management for the Winner 
Websites by a Dedicated VA


Expired Domains

with Quality Links History and 

Existing Rankings in Google

32% Lifetime Sitemap 
Websites Content Recovery at 
the Fraction of the Price

Long Term SEO Rankings Components:

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AdSense Websites Portfolio:

 - $120 for Godaddy Domain Auction & $140 for 200+ 

Articles Recovered

 - $100 for Godaddy Domain Auction & $300 for 460+ 

Articles Recovered

 - $80 for GoDaddy Closeout Domain & $80 for 100+ 

Articles Recovered

 - $130 for GoDaddy Auction Domain & $70 for 100+ 

Articles Recovered

 - $60 for GoDaddy Closeout Domain & $100 for 130+ 

Articles Recovered

This is a long term business that takes 3-6 months to Rerank old articles as new 
ones. Even though sometimes rankings goes up way faster, usually Google
considers domain owner change as a new website. The existing links start to
help a lot once the content gets initially reindexed. As they say:

                 In Real Estate  

You EARN When You Buy, Not When You Sell

                 - and we recover 

            at 1/10 of the actual cost


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AdSense Passive Income Investment Opportunity at 50% RevShare Website Recovery Fixed Priced Services



  - Nedkov

Download: AdSense Passive Income Investment Deck.PDF